Ideas from you guys

light bulbThis is where I’ll be copying and pasting ideas that you blog readers leave as comments.  These are ideas that are too good to keep buried in the comments. You could also save a step and post your ideas here yourselves.  Check here to see what brilliance is floating around on my blog left by all of you folks. Keep the ideas coming.


5 thoughts on “Ideas from you guys

  1. Hi Toni,

    This is great stuff you are doing. We have started implementing many healthy and time saving stratagies in our household as well. One of them is planning our dinner menu for the following week and cooking on Sunday. A girlfriend & I actually have a co-op where I cook 2 meals and she cooks 2 meals and we swap. The cooking does not take more than 2 hours and saves time during the week. Also, the kids can eat right after their activities, because they are usually starving. I will usually go to the grocery store on Thur/Fri of the week before to get everything I need. I’ve been doing this for years and works out well. Anyway, thought I’d add to your article….Cheryl S

  2. … my tip is walk or run to do pick up from school whenever possible. we’re a mile so I get a 2 mile run in and Ann gets 1 mile of scootering (her ass is rock hard from this – I’m not kidding). With the exception of a few families who bike I get some strange looks but i love not having to do a workout after their in bed (since I still have kate at home that’s usually my only option) and if we walk together i usually hear more about her day. I also bought a pair of roller blades but it’s way hard out here with all the hills so we need more practice with that…. Colleen J

  3. …Just want to add that I’m trying to pull myself out of the habit of finishing the kids’ food. There’s always food left on at least one of their plates (if not both) and I’m often guilty of polishing off their food, sometimes in addition to my own. You’re not kidding about the clean plate club being a bad habit of our generation (do you still hear “kids are starving in the Philippines” in your head?). We’re pretty good about letting the kids stop eating when they are full, we just have to follow that rule ourselves too! … – Julie D

  4. First of all, the baked broccoli is fantastic, and stays so green! When I go out running errands I take a soft cooler with me containing ziploc bags of baby carrots and almonds, along with a bottle of water. I use one of those blue freezer blocks to keep everything fresh. Thanks again, Toni, for inspiring me to do what’s good for me!….Judy K

  5. Regarding making a change – … Even re-arranging the furniture once in a while helps refresh me. Thanks for some other great ideas, Toni! Small doses, small doses, small doses….Judy K

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