What the heck am I going to feed this family???

For absolutely no good reason, I found myself running around like my hair was on fire. This afternoon/evening just seemed to get away from me. Between picking up my daughter from the library, rushing to pick up the boys from practice and thinking about getting back out after dinner to see a client, I began pounding my head on the steering wheel.  WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO FEED THIS FAMILY???  I had exactly 30 minutes availabe to make something out of thin air. I am not organized enough to have anything defrosted sooooo WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO FEED THIS FAMILY???

Thank goodness for Costco. As I was driving home and “listening” to the bickering happening amongst my spawn in the van, I mentally took a look into my freezer.

Things I look to include in a meal at the Kuhel house

-low fat, good quality, tasty protein

-good quality, whole grain, tasty carbohydrate

-good quality, tasty vegetable

and this is what I found…

Costco saves the day

All packages have short lists of ingredients and were a totally tasty!!!  All minimally processed and I plunked it down on the table in no time.  I find that if I shop with these principles in mind, I can pull off a meal with little to no planning, even if I had to bang my head on the steering wheel for awhile.

TA DAH!!!! Couscous and quinoa, curried chicken meatballs and organic green beans.

There is good quality conveniece food out there. Just read labels, look for short ingredient lists, make sure it’s tasty! Good luck making it through your crazy days ahead.  I would love to hear what great ideas you guys have to get good food on your tables in a flash. I could always use another amazing idea so bring it on!!

Until next time…Live well!  – Toni Kuhel


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