Stepping Out!

Stepping out of your comfort zone can sometimes feel like jumping off a ledge.  Isn’t this why it’s called ” a leap of faith?” The idea can take your breath away, get your heart racing, and make your palms sweat.   What is all this drama all about? It’s the kind of reaction that keeps us from taking risks. It can keep us from being everything that we could be.

Change is good. Isn’t that what old people told us when were kids?  This was supposed to comfort us whenever something changed that was totally out of our control.  As grown ups, it is something we have to tell ourselves  to make it through  those uncomforable shoves out of our comfort zone.

The idea of voluntarily pushing past our boundaries is a kind of self torture. Why the heck does anyone want to venture past their known, cozy life. Why be uncomfortable? Why take the risk? What will happen if I do XYZ? Stepping out doesn’t have to be some huge undertaking. It can be deciding to go to a party where you don’t know so many people. You could try a DIY project that you previously would hire someone else to tackle. Would you dare forego a favorite dish at a restaurant to try a dish the waiter suggests?  The possibility that your life could be just that little bit better..well, that  makes the risk worth taking.

Now what would you risk to make your life a whole lot better???  I know this is a healthy living blog so I’ll have to say that increasing your level of activity and making better food choices is pushing past many people’s comfort zone. I think the risks to your health are far greater if you don’t choose to get out of that cocoon of comfort.

This is what I risk every single time I lace up my running shoes- it's totally worth it!

I’m in the midst of taking a large leap of faith.  I’m willing to risk all those visceral reactions and “oh well” moments for the possibility of doing more, being more, making as much positive change as I can.  It’s all very cryptic, but the details are not the point. This post is all about taking a risk to be a better you.  Are you so comfortable that there isn’t one thing you could better by risking being uncomfortable? Maybe there is something.


Until next time…Live well!

Toni Kuhel


One thought on “Stepping Out!

  1. Toni, it’s funny you would lead off with this topic. Dad and I just came back from a walk which was very difficult for him, but that he was determined to complete. His bones, as you probably know, are weakened by the Prednisone he must take for anti-rejection , so any kind of exercise is painful and stressful for him. However, as you said, “Change is good,” and sometimes what’s the hardest is what a person needs the most.

    Thank you, sweet girl..

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