Getting through a summer of indulgences

It was bound to happen.  A missed workout…or 3 – a few too many food festivals – a couple more beers than I should’ve had.  One of these lapses in judgment is expected once in a while, but all together? I do believe I have really started slipping a bit. Don’t call the health and wellness police! We’ve all hit a hump, bump or a lump in the road to a healthier lifestyle. Now what???

Let’s get real.  We are people and by definition we are NOT perfect so let’s not beat ourselves up for being human.  I didn’t set out to miss my workouts. I had a series of girls’ weekends that just happened to end up in a clump due to my work schedule. I didn’t PLAN on going to all the festivals, but our friends asked us to go and I love my friends.  I didn’t expect to have too much to drink, but it was hot and the beer was cold. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?  It is true that having lots of moments of weakness is surely a bad idea.  The goal of course is to try to get strong again- in a hurry!  Get over it and get going!! I had a very good time during my moments of weakness and I didn’t feel one bit guilty.  It would sure be hard to have fun while feeling guilty the whole time.  I do not need that kind of conflict in my life.

In a past life, and maybe this sounds like your life now, I would’ve just tormented myself over my decisions.  Guess what – It doesn’t do me any good to spend time feeling bad.  Now it’s just about getting back to making better choices.  I’ll take it one choice at a time.

  • Time to schedule workouts/activity,
  • Make vegetables and fruits the bulk of my meals or snacks
  • Drink water every chance I get. 

Fortunately for me I made the best, bad choices I could make. WHAT? I can hear you asking.  I was a bit surprised at how I could have fun while not wreaking total havoc on my health and wellness. Here’s how I did it and how you are going to do it too.



  • I bought or brought water everywhere I went. 
  • Ate breakfast as early as I could every day. Don’t skip it.
  • I kept healthful snacks in my purse (bring a big purse or get comfortable with carrying a man bag).
  • I made sure not to go more than 2 or 3 hours without eating. Waiting ‘til you’re starving is a very bad idea- it leads to terrible choices.
  • I walked everywhere I could.  I chose some “active” activities.
  • I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my indulgences. Don’t indulge if you aren’t going to love it. It’s sooo not worth it.



  • I brought lots of water.
  • I ate before I went. It kept me from eating too much because I was starving.
  • I got what I craved – a pulled pork sandwich. It kept me from eating a salad, chicken, vegetable tempura, and buttered corn, pretending like I wasn’t going to have my pulled pork sandwich which I was most definitely going to have anyway.
  • I had a bite of my kids’ deserts. I really only wanted a taste so why eat the whole thing.
  • I ate healthfully before and after the festival.  I enjoyed myself because the way I eat at the festivals is an exception and not the rule.


Drinks with friends

  • I order water with every drink and drink it first.
  • I drink light beer or red wine.
  • If I have a mixed drink or a “girly” drink, I try to keep it to just one.

I really enjoy my life and sometimes it can get the better of me. Choose to enjoy your life the best way possible.  Have a great time.  Forgive less than stellar choices by noticing how much better you feel when you get back to your healthier choices.  Realize that fun and healthy are words that can work together. It’s all about living well.

‘Til next time…live well!

Toni Kuhel





3 thoughts on “Getting through a summer of indulgences

  1. Nice post (Holly T. from Daily mile. I want to know how you got the DM widget into your theme…. I think I may have to do a different theme.) I just moved all my stuff over from vox….as it closed!
    Happy running!

  2. So proud of all three of you girls!!! You’ll have to tell them I said congratulations!!! You are all amazing. God bless you for a job well done. Thanks for inspiring me to be healthy and pick up running again. It’s been a looong time, soph year cross country to be exact.


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