Early lessons

Clearly I’ve been lagging in my blogging duties.  I’m hoping to get back at it on a regular basis  so here goes nothin’…

As a novice runner, I’ve learned a few things in this early part of training for the marathon (this is part of the reason I’ve been short on blogs). 

Patience is priceless.  A few of us Team 40/10 members are learning to be patient with our  40-ish year old bodies as we push ourselves toward our goal.  Although all of us want to feel like we could run the 26.2 miles effortlessly today, it’s obvious that this deal is going to take some time.  We are all learning to get used to listening to our bodies.  When we don’t listen, our bodies revolt by yelling louder in the form of increasing pain and weaker runs.

Perseverance is going to get me through this. Just put one foot in front of the other. I know that I’ve learned to love the time it takes to do a long run.  I’m spending the majority of my life trying to get things done quickly.  The long run is…long.  I have no goal for my long runs except to get the miles on my shoes.  Sure it would be nice to finish a sub 4 hour marathon, but I’m just looking to finish and learn some things about myself along the way.  Sometimes I run listening to my music. Sometimes I listen to the wind, traffic, dogs, birds, and my own deep breathing.  Every time I run it’s a chance to think about everything and nothing all at once.  If I didn’t put in the time and effort to get in my run, I would miss out on that precious time. Who knew I would get so much out of lacing up my shoes and heading out the door. 

I’m confident I can do something that I didn’t know I could do.  I’ve never, ever been a distance runner.  I’m built like a sprinter with short, thick legs that are loaded with quick twitch muscle fibers.  Now that I’m pushing myself to do more ,I feel a bit more like a distance runner each week.  It’s a curious thing that Team 40/10 is trying to accomplish.  We are all learning that we can do what we do what we didn’t know we could do.  At first I thought I was running away from the fact I am turning 40 this year.  It seems as though I’m now running headlong into my 40’s with a goal to set more fantastic goals. 

I have such gratitude for my health that allows me to train for such a big event.  I’m thankful for a supportive husband, family and circle of friends that all make it possible to believe that I can do this.  I’m so incredibly grateful for Team 40/10 for the opportunity to train, laugh, cry, complain and celebrate together all the steps along the way.

I’ve learned a lot about patience, perseverance, confidence and gratitude in these early months of base building.  Imagine what I’ll learn once official training begins.  Now what will you learn from reaching for your health and wellness goal? Did you set a goal yet? Well, get on with it then!!!

Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


4 thoughts on “Early lessons

  1. Dear Toni,

    Your description of what a long run means to you was perfect. Thank you for such an awesome paragraph! Carrie and I are running the 1/2 in August, she mentioned that you have a blog. Good luck with your training! Your family is beautiful.


    Ann Rebello Kilgast

  2. Ann,

    Thanks for your kind words. Are you doing the Rock ‘n Roll 1/2? Team 40/10 is doing the North Shore 1/2 and Julie Bunag and I are seriously considering the Rock ‘n Roll. Maybe we’ll see you there…at the start anyway. You’ll have to wait a bit for us to finish and we are ok with that 🙂

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