What a pain!

Ugh! Ow!!!! My tummy HURTS! As much as I know that I brought this belly ache on myself, it hurts no less. I have been pretty clean with my food…whole food, whole grain, lean protein, lots of fruits and veggies, adequate water…then came this weekend. Chicken wings with awesome neighbors(clearly my deadliest weakness) and being trapped in a sports complex where a chili bag (bag of Fritos, scoop of chili, and neon orange cheese sauce) seemed like a viable food choice at the time. My body has no idea what to do with this influx of fat, salt and other unidentifiable ingredients. My stomach, formerly iron clad, is now very used to eating what our bodies were made to eat. This is a sign. No matter how good you think it’s going to taste, crap (aka – junk food) is not good for a body. As uncomfortable as I am, I am grateful that this error is self-correcting. I’m not in a great hurry to feel like this any time soon. “Everything in moderation” is a good motto. Well, except for maybe a chili bag, which might have to go in the “never, ever again in life “category.
Sadly, this is not my only complaint of the post. Ouch! My foot hurts too. My hopes for injury-free training for the marathon came crashing down last week. I felt a little twinge in my left heel during my last long run. Morning came and the twinge graduated to an official pain. I’ve resisted the urge to run through the pain. You will be quite impressed when you realize that I would have been much more stupid in my younger days. As I creep towards the big 4-0, I know that ignoring pain and pushing myself past it, is rather counterproductive. I am itching to run as the Shamrock Shuffle is just around the corner. Although I feel like a slug waiting for this pain to resolve, I know this is the right thing to do. Waiting a little while to recover will pay off. I know I’ll risk lasting injury if I push my luck. For now, the sideline is a fine place for me.

So despite all the aches and pains of the last week, I find I’ve learned a lot. I know it doesn’t seem as though I’m all that healthy at the moment, but ultimately I’m making good choices. Do yourself a favor and learn from my experiences as well as your own. Enjoy your vices in moderation lest your healthy new you will revolt! Listen to your body and rest it when you get injured. I’m hoping for a better couple of weeks for me and of course for all of you as well.
Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


Get going toward your goal!

After a few days of not being able to carve out the time or dig deep enough to find the motivation, I did it.  I laced up my shoes, put on my new running hat and gloves and hit the road.  One of the last few days was supposed to be my long run of the week.  I’m sure most of you can relate with my attack of procrastination. Can I get an “AMEN!”?  When you are lacking motivation, everything becomes an obstacle. Let’s face it, when motivation is MIA, there doesn’t really need to be a reason NOT to do what needs doing.  So when we find ourselves unmotivated, where do we turn for motivation?

For me, last week’s long run didn’t happen until today, which is technically a new week.  I’m a bit ticked that I let the week go by, but I’m thankful I found the gumption to get on with it today.  I could spend the rest of the day beating myself up for coming up short on my weekly mileage but I won’t. It’s not going to help me.  As I sit here post long run, I’m analyzing why I kept putting off this run.  Was it my work schedule, the pile of impossible laundry, my very needy daughter, my boys’ wrestling schedule, my husband’s workload, the weather, the time of day? What? WHAT????  If I’m being honest, I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t be able to complete the run.  I had predetermined that 4.5 miles was the goal.  My runs during the week were 2 to 3 mile intervals on the treadmill and not so much fun.  It’s also cold outside.  Freezing cold.  I had built this long run up in my mind to be a big, giant, huge monster and I ended up getting in my own way.  Today registration for the Chicago Marathon opened.  If I was going to be afraid of a little 4.5 mile cold run, how was I going to even entertain the idea of completing 26.2 miles of who knows what kind of weather in October (it could be 30 to 85 degrees)?

This morning I decided to just do it. It’s winter, so waiting for nice weather is just plain futile so today was going to be as good as any other.  I finally got out of my own way.  The run was amazing. I feel great having done what I had been putting off for days.  It wasn’t so bad and I’ll have to remember that as my long runs continue to get longer.

You are going to have to set your weekly goal. Is it adding more produce to one meal each day …2000 calories burned on your heart rate monitor/week… 3 days of strength training/week….walking 15 minutes for 4 days/week …2 yoga classes and a Pliates class/week…drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day?  What is your goal?  Make it measurable and that makes it infinitely easier to track if you are meeting your goal.  It also helps you know when it’s time to bump up your goal or add another one.  I challenge you to get out of your own way.  Dismiss obstacles and don’t create bigger ones. Whatever your goal, it is worth reaching.  It is a change in the way you are currently doing things and change can be uncomfortable.  Chances are, the change won’t be as bad as you are making it out to be in your mind.  You can do it.  The best motivation is the kind that comes from within.  Dig deep. Refocus. Recommit.  Motivation can come from others in your life.  Make sure you find someone who is in your corner.  My corner is occupied by Team 40/10 and they are my collective rock and hold me accountable.  I have to fess up that my long run leaked into this week’s workout.  I have to suffer the consequences of the occasional  tsk, tsk, tsk, but I also know that they have been in my shoes as well.

Now that the manic energy of the New Year’s resolution frenzy has worn off, it’s time to get down to business.  Set your measurable goal, get out of your own way, get motivated and get going!!! You will falter along the way, but the true test will come when you decide what to do after a wobble.  Get up, brush yourself off and put on those running shoes, pick up that salad fork, grab that glass of water, examine that exercise class schedule and start again. It’s a new week so…..

Until next time….Live Well! – Toni Kuhel