Get a Goal

Goal setting.  It makes sense. I’ve heard this very thought provoking saying and I’m quite sure you’ve heard it too, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Sure you could go on a family road trip, but if you don’t know that your destination is Wally World (WAY fun), you might just end up at Walmart (not anyone’s idea of fun – good deals, but not fun).  I am not implying that spontaneity is something to frown upon.  I wait for the day I come home and Alex says “We are jetting off to _____ right now!”  I’ll be waiting quite a while, maybe forever, but I embrace Alex’s spontaneity should it take over all his reasonable thinking.  Where was I?…. Oh yeah, goals.

I know the concept of goal setting could apply to every aspect of your life, but my personal goal is to get you thinking about setting health and wellness goals.  If you’ve already set the goal of striving for health and wellness for yourself and/or your family, I applaud you!  If you are more specific in your goal setting, it will be much easier to figure out what steps to take toward the goal.  It will also be significantly easier to gauge if you are making progress.

General goal: You or your family will eat more vegetables.

More specific goals:

  • I will add another serving of vegetables to lunch and dinner.
  • We will try a new vegetable or a new way to serve a vegetable at every family dinner.
  • I will have a vegetable as part of my afternoon snacks.
  • We will fill  ½ our dinner plates with veggies.
  • We will have one vegetarian dinner/meal a week.

General goal:  You or your family will be more active.

More specific goals:

  • The kids will be involved in one physical organized activity per season (dance, soccer, track etc.)
  • The family will take the stairs versus the elevator/escalator when the option is available.
  • I will walk 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.
  • I will run the Chicago Marathon in 2010 with Team 40/10! (Okay, that’s my goal but I LOVE it!)

No need to beat a dead horse with yet another set of examples.  I can’t write the goals for you.  You are your best goal setter.  Consider what you really want and what is truly reasonable for you.  Shoot for a goal that is as specific as you can make it.  A measurable goal is infinitely easier to track and judge if you need to adjust it.   If you are consistently missing the mark, perhaps the mark is way too high or not specific enough.    If you are meeting the goal, give yourself a high-five, pat on the back, and a gold star. Set another goal and go for it.

My ultimate activity goal is completing the marathon. To that end, I have approximately 7 thousand small goals to meet before that ultimate goal.  My first goal was to run 1 mile non-stop, then 2 miles, and then a 5K.  I started doing sprint intervals in an effort to reduce the time it’s taking me to complete these non-stop efforts.  These goals keep me focused and help to push me when I’m about ready to hit that “STOP” button on the treadmill.  Someday I may find enough enjoyment in running to feel the wind in my hair or letting my mind go. This is NOT how I feel about running currently, so I’ve got goals.  Knowing where you want to land is a powerful thing.  I’m all about health and wellness and hopefully you are somewhere toward the right side of the continuum.  I’ve got goals for myself and for my family.  What are your goals?  What’s your Wally World? Think hard and be specific because you may land at Walmart and all you’ll get is discounted toilet paper.

Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


One thought on “Get a Goal

  1. I used to hate goal setting at work, but I kind of enjoy the health-related ones. I’m definitely eating more veggies and have cut WAY down on carbs and portion size. Also walk 60 mins. about 6 days per week. At my age it’s going to take longer to get to my peak, but I’ve got the time, so why not? Keep it up, Toni, because you’re helping a lot of folks.

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