Have a great day

Today was total chaos in the Kuhel house.  Of course it’s always somewhat chaotic, but today was a wingdinger!  It is amazing how 3 kids can sound like 30 kids at 7:00 in the frick’n morning!!!!  Alex and I exchanged glances that expressed “Good God, when will this end!?!” and “I am ready to runaway and join the circus!” all in a fleeting moment.  It’s not just noise. I can handle happy noises on any given day.  Laughter, loud story telling complete with sound effects, shrieking with delight – these are all good, happy noises that are welcome and at least tolerable most days.  The kind of noise that rattled the house this morning was dramatic and continuous until the storm door slammed behind the last child leaving the house.  I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck and left for dead.  I feel my head pounding, my blood pressure peaking, and nerves hanging on by a thread that is unraveling.  To top it all off, outside my window in my neck of the woods (Al Roker says it-so can I) it is crappy with a capital C.

Now it’s time to regroup.   What’s the plan Stan? Perhaps ice cream for breakfast. Fortunately we have no ice cream in the house. That bullet dodged. Phew.  An entire row of Oreo cookies sounds like a plan. Again… no cookies in the house.  My waistline is thankful for that.  My weak mind is thinking otherwise.  I guess it’s going to be a cup of chamomile tea, Greek yogurt, berries, slivered almonds and a touch of honey.  These are things that will soothe my mind without punishing my body.  I’ll go over my list of things to do. I’ll do most of them and shove the rest to tomorrow’s list.  Squeezing in a workout at the gym with weights and the dreaded Stairmaster will release this stress that has built up like the bubbles in a pop bottle that fell out of the van and rolled down the driveway.  Sure I could choose to nothing but hide.  I could try to sleep and eat my way through the day that lies before me.  Well, I am a responsible adult.  If I didn’t do all the things I should be doing today, the repercussions would make tomorrow a day worse than today started out to be.

I choose to get on with the day. If nothing else, I have control over what I’m eating, doing and thinking.  I may not be able to control my daughter’s wild mood swings or my sons’ incessant poking of one another, but I can eat a salad and hot bowl of soup versus a greasy burger.  I can’t make my boys remember to check the lost and found for the 2nd lost hooded sweatshirt of the year, but I can make it a priority to fit in my workout.  I can’t make my husband listen to my entire sentence so that he comes home with all 3 things on the grocery list, but I can be thankful that he went and that he came home with the 2 most important things.

As the kids get older, the noise gets louder.  I know that this will not always be the case.  Soon enough I will turn around and it will be just Alex and me sitting at the breakfast table.  It’ll be quiet while Evan is off making the next scientific discovery.  It will be still in the house while Jared is documenting the flight pattern of a great number of raptors.  It will be silent as Renee is off being the boss of everyone.  It will all be different in a blink of an eye.  So the answer to those glances that Alex and I shot each other this morning that asked when it will all end – soon enough.  So I’m going to get on with my day making better choices so that Alex and I are healthy and able to travel the world to visit our children and our grandchildren after days like today are a distant memory. This too shall pass and all too quickly.  Have a great day, no matter how it started for you.  I will.

Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


5 thoughts on “Have a great day

  1. When I’m not contemplating a change to the house locks to keep them from coming home, I worry about the time we share together. I realize that at this point in our lives, we have about 5 waking hours per day that we share together and I’m trying to make the best of them (even if those hours include prep for leaving the house, activities and homework.) Very soon, they will be gone and I’ll have some quiet time. I’m dreading those days. I think you are right – we’ve got to keep moving forward with purpose and hope that we can make the best of these days (even if we can’t fully control them.) Thanks for the great post!

  2. Terrific post. I need to get busy with my Friday so that I can get home and spend some of those few hours with my boistrous and stressful addictions.

  3. It really is a great day, all things said and done. The circumstances of mine have been, shall we say, less than optimum. But truly, we can only control how we choose to respond the the situations we are faced with, we can never control anything else.

    I think that you make it abundantly clear in your post today, and I found myself smiling that, though my own circumstances are entirely different, the underlying concept of doing what you can and making the best possible choices given the situation is something that I have been applying as well.

    Thanks Toni, for your unwitting support today. Yet again, you impact my life positively.

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