Season of Thanks

So there’s this recent trend on Face Book that I’m really enjoying.  No, it’s not Bejeweled Blitz addiction, although I am a HUGE fan of that.  The first week of November I started seeing status updates that indicated that people were going to state something they were thankful for, for the entire month. It was something that sounded like a good idea the first time I read it.  Then I started reading the status updates as the days wore on.  It does good things for the soul to read how very grateful people are.  It gave me pause.  I too am grateful for a great number of things, but seeing it in writing is very powerful.  It’s putting it out there in the universe.  It’s akin to yelling upon a mountain top to acknowledge all that is fabulous in your world.  Try this little FB trend.  If you are not on Face Book, then you and the one other person can do something else.  Joke only.  Taking the time to reflect on all our blessings is time worth spending.  Writing it down on FB, on paper, on a napkin, on the mirror, on anything takes more time that is worth spending.  It’s very easy to walk through life dwelling on all that could have been, would have been, and should have been.  Self pity, regret, envy and complaining that world isn’t fair make for a long walk.  That’s also a quick walk to a miserable life.  There is a mind- body – spirit connection that is undeniable.  Feed that mind and spirit with positive thoughts and your body will thank you for it and serve you well.  Make an effort to be thankful everyday and shout from the mountain tops all that you makes you grateful.  You’ll realize that list is long and peppered with things that you might have forgotten to notice in a very long time.

I’m shouting my abridged list – I am grateful for my family, friends, health, home, my parents living nearby, the possibility of a lung transplant for my father-in-law, my supportive husband, coffee, food on the table, colorful fall leaves, smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of children’s laughter, the smell of babies, living in a free country, hot shower, good books, mindless books, my kids that make me laugh and cry, all things that have happened in my life so far that have gotten me to this point so blessed I can hardly believe it.  This list is far from complete and gets added to everyday.

Do yourself a favor and shout your list. You’ll be surprised that you’ll run out of ink before you run out of things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for all of you that take the time to read this blog.  It feeds my soul to share with you and to hear from you.  During this season of thanks, let’s start a trend of being thankful always.  Sure, winter will come (really fast), followed by spring, and eventually summer will come.  The season of thankfulness should have no weather pattern attached to it.  Enjoy your never-ending season of thankfulness.

Thank you all!

Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


5 thoughts on “Season of Thanks

  1. There is always something for which to be thankful.

    We become like that upon which our focus lies.

    Making the effort to find what one is thankful for will lead us to making other choices that feed our souls, rather than feed upon them.

    My grandpa used to say, that every day you wake up, and you’re not 6 feet under, it’s a GOOD day. A good daily start for thankfulness lies within that comment. 🙂

  2. This was such a mature, thoughtful, and poignant post, that could be blast to just about anyone and touch their souls. Well done, T – one of your absolute best entries.

  3. I experienced something last year that alerted me to the remarkable benefits of expressing gratitude. The morning after I’d suffered some major disappointment and disillusionment at work, I woke up still angry and just oozing hostility. The tension in my body was so great, I felt like I had not slept a wink. I wanted to lash out at someone, everyone. And then I started to cry. And with me, that’s usually followed by prayer… “How can I start my day like this, Lord? What can I do?” And in an instant, I had the answer… I started thanking Him for the many blessings I’ve been given, I squeezed out positive aspects from so many well-hidden places. I focused on small delights and miraculous wonders I’ve witnessed in my life, and so many things sandwiched between those extremes, and in a few short minutes, I felt lighter. Buoyant. Relaxed. Amazed. And yes, grateful! I found I was even grateful for the situation from the day before, because until I focused on gratitude, all I could see was the downside. This freed me to see the good that came from that bad… The emotional support from my coworkers, the sense of positive spirit that I’d overlooked. I cried again as I got ready for work, but those were tears of gratitude, not despair. It was a truly amazing experience, and I try to relive it every single day by expressing gratitude for my many blessings. Thank you, Toni, for your efforts in bringing this out to so many other people. It is a life-changing, maybe even life-saving habit.

  4. I believe that a grateful spirit is perhaps the most important possession a person can have. Look at what it did for Mary Lou. I agree with Alex.

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