Confession time


Come on! Fit already!!!

EEK! I kind of saw it coming. It was coming like a freight train but I turned a blind eye.  I heard that whistle blowing loud and clear but I ignored it. This moment had arrived and now it was time to face it.  My pants are TIGHT! Crap!!!!!   Apparently I was talking the talk of “moderation” and walking the walk of “no one is looking so who cares?”.  So now I am putting it out there so all of you are now officially “looking” and I can no longer hide. Crap!!!!

Confession time.  Risking losing all credibility, I’m going to be honest with all of you.  I am only human. It happened as all backslides do. One more large diet soda dangled in front of me that I couldn’t turn down. One Oberweis turtle sundae that would make a down day all better.  One unavoidable trip through the drive-thru because I didn’t plan well.  One skipped workout because I didn’t feel like it. One missed meal followed by a meal the size of 3 meals because I was falling down hungry.  To be totally honest, it was several instances of these moments that got me to my uncomfortable wardrobe experience.  So now what?  Should I just say “Why bother?”.  Nope.  I will pull myself up by the boot straps (whatever those are) and get back on track.

I’ve got a ton of excuses for this backslide. All of them are valid in my mind.  Some of them are quite original in an effort to help me sleep at night.  I’m amazed what I can come up with when faced with a want that becomes a need that really should be a “heck no!”.  Today is Saturday.  Instead of saying that Monday will be the day of reckoning, I choose today.  I walked past my scale in my bathroom a countless number of times.  Tight pants are not something I could ignore.  My admittedly vain goal is to have my pants glide over my thighs and button over my belly effortlessly.  My health and wellness goal is to keep my waist measurement (circumference at your belly button) well below 35” (risk factor for a number of preventable diseases- it’s 40” for men).  Those goals are my answer to the “why bother?” question and I don’t need any other reason to get back on track. 

The point of this post is to let you know that this is life.  Sometimes life hands you a steaming bag of poop which, in your/my mind, gives a perfect opportunity to be creative with excuses or reasons to make less than stellar choices for your health and wellness.  I’m clearly guilty of this as evidenced by my tight pants.  Now is the time to get real and honest with the concept of moderation.  I’ll do what I know is right and try harder to set myself up for success.  We are coming up on Turkey day and I refuse to head into that day thinking that pajama pants are a dinner wardrobe option. 

It is true that doing something is better than doing nothing.  What is also true is that if your goal is different (maintenance versus weight loss), your steps toward that goal should reflect that.  Thirty minutes a day of moderate (not overdoing it and not a cake walk) exercise a day is not going to cut it. It’s actually going to take 60 minutes a day.  I’m going to have to make sure that I treat myself only once a day, reasonably.  I’ll choose water instead of just about any other drink for a while.  Well, except for coffee.  I wouldn’t want to thrust an uncaffeinated Toni on the world.   I also got lazy about planning out my meals and activities.  I’m done with that nonsense.  I’m going back to what I know. I’m going to forgive myself for falling short and thanking myself for deciding to walk the walk once again.  Raise your hand if you’re guilty of falling short. Go ahead. Lucky for you no one is looking. Stand on that scale and pay attention to the way your pants fit.  These things don’t lie.  It’s best to catch yourself falling short before you are in a full blown free fall.   

Truth be told, this will not be the last time I will fall short in this lifetime.  I’m striving for fewer diversions from my goal of a healthy lifestyle. So come walk the walk with me again. We’re only human and we are going to make mistakes and circumstances will become challenges.  So let’s face the world and the big bags of steaming poop that it sometimes hands you.  I’m ready for proper fitting pants. Are you?

Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


4 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. Awesome post, and I can completely relate! I think more people face this issue after losing weight, and this is the point of when “it all comes back”. It’s a tough wagon to get back on, but you are so right in your words. Thank you for motivating and inspiring so many including me!

  2. I agree with Colleen and Tracey. Thanks for the post. We ARE all in the same boat and IT IS difficult to make healthy choices when you’re managing not just your own life but the lives of your kids. Today I have no plan to make it to the gym BUT I will fit in some running while I’m on my walk with Cooper.
    Thanks again for the very REAL post.

  3. How brave of you to be so honest, Toni! We’ve all been there, and believe me I have in my lifetime been there many, many times. When I get back on track it just feels so good to be in control again. Thanks!

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