Trick or treat, not Treat ‘n treat ‘n treat…..

Beloved Switch Witch

So the time is quickly approaching. You know it. You feel it.  It’s almost Halloween, AKA “All You Can Eat and Keep Down Candy Day”.  I see your eye twitching.  This is the kickoff to the 4 month long season of excuses/reasons for eating whatever you want.  We are going to face the ugly truth of those coming months, but let’s get a handle on the holiday on the horizon.

This first little tip may come to you too late, but it’s one worth hanging onto for next year.  When buying candy to pass out, make sure you have some left to pass out.  To increase the chances of this happening, I would suggest buying candy that no one in your house wants.  This did not go over well in my house so we compromised and just got candy that Alex and I don’t particularly like. I also hid it right after I saw the tell tale empty wrapper and torn open bag of Warheads.  Don’t pass out pennies or toothbrushes unless you like washing eggs off your house.  I would be answering the door licking my fingers saying  “ Sorry, we’re all out!” if we were passing out Kit Kats or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.  What will cause you to be answering the door in a similar fashion? Avoid that choice like the plague. Chances are your kiddo/kiddos will be bringing several pieces of candy that you will deem “unsafe” so that you can have at it yourself.  I’ve spotted an imaginary tear in a candy bar wrapper and put it my stash.  So have youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

After the kids come home with the haul, after the requisite safety check, after the initial binge, and after the annual tummy aches- call it quits! My kids enjoy separating the candy into piles and announcing that their candy bag is their candy bag so “NOBODY TOUCH IT!!!”  Now’s the time to touch it.  We take all the hard candy and save it for decorating our gingerbread houses at Christmas time.  You know those darn kits never give you enough candy and it’s so cool to have all kinds of candy for that project.  We do some creative thinning of the candy bags over the week. No one notices. We’ll put a piece of candy in their lunchboxes for a while.   I know that our elementary school asks for leftover candy to be sent to school to be donated to underprivileged kids.   We put the bags out of sight and out of reach. That part is getting harder as they are getting bigger and catching on to our hiding spots.  Another trick I’ve heard of which might work with the littlest kiddos is the Switch Witch.  Take any excess candy and place it in a bag outside your door at night. In the morning the Switch Witch will have left you a small toy/trinket or one big candy in exchange for the bag of candy.

Enjoy your Halloween festivities! Thank goodness this one comes once a year. I cannot handle seeing the glassy eyes of my children suffering from candy coma more often than that. Be safe, and if you like Warheads come on over to the Kuhel house. We have lots!

Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


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