Have a fit Fall!

Leaves we saw while we were out and about.

Leaves we saw while we were out and about.

Have a fit Fall!
Looking at all the trees that are aglow with colors that are unique to this season, I’m inspired to jot down some tips also unique to autumn.

• Rake some giant leaf piles while jamming to tunes on your iPod.
• Jump in the leaves with your kids or go borrow some kids from your friends or neighbors (make sure you ask first – LOL!).
• Hike some new paths or go for a run. You’ll be able to go farther because it’s not so hot and not so cold…yet.
• Go for a bike ride and see all the colors at a slower pace than you saw them on the way to work.
• Rake the leaves again because they blew back on your lawn or it rained and knocked down some more.

• Roast some pumpkin seeds.
• Bake some apple crisp.
• Eat some pumpkin pie – it’s not as bad for you as some pies, especially if you don’t eat the crust. I don’t eat the crust. Well, I don’t eat it every time.
• Roasted squash and sweet potatoes are particularly scrumptious this time of year.
• Turkey chili is a winner.
• Hot tea is comforting when you are feeling a bit chilly.
• Caramel apples are a good alternative to baked goods as a sweet treat.

• Don’t watch the Bears – they are awful this season 😦
• Skip the news for a day or so. I’ll tell you that H1N1 is still a problem, there is still a war going on, the economy is in the pooper, and it may or may not rain all week. That’s all you will be missing.
• Try a yoga class or borrow a DVD from the library. It is time well spent and really feels like a luxury when you are done.
• Enjoy the sensation of wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. Close your eyes. I swear it melts stress.
• Hug the ones you love tight. Skip the fist bump. You risk much more if you skip the hug.
• Rake your neighbor’s leaves if they are elderly, have a house full of H1N1, or if their leaves are 2 feet deep and you know they need the help. You will feel better for being a good neighbor and for getting in 30 more minutes of activity.

Until next time…Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


2 thoughts on “Have a fit Fall!

  1. I really miss my favorite season here in the desert, even with the lovely 80-degree temps we’re having now. I will just continue to imagine the glory of the leaves and the crispness of the air and have a cup of hot cider anyhow!

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