Toni’s Tip of the Day #3


Don’t snack out of the sack.                                   bowls of snacks

I’ve been known to get nice and comfy with a bag of something salty and not-so-good for me.   I get in a zone and it’s more about muscle memory than it is about actually tasting what I’m eating.  It’s just too easy to keep going into the bag for more.  This goes for anything that is seemingly bottomless….candy dish, bag of chips, bowl of nuts….insert whatever snack speaks your name.  Do yourself a favor and pour out or count out a serving of your snack of choice.   Close it, put the bag/sack/can away and step away – far, far away.  This is not to say you can’t have another serving.  It just makes you take a minute to really decide if it’s worth getting up, rooting around in the cabinet, opening up the chip clip etc. etc. to have another serving.  This is opposite of when said snack is your date next to you on the couch, sitting on your desk, or teasing you on your table.  It becomes a mindless act with no pay off .  You didn’t enjoy it and you probably wouldn’t have missed it.  By “it” I mean the 5 extra servings of the snack of the day.  Mindless acts should be saved for your car driving itself home from work, folding laundry, and playing Bejeweled Blitz.  More blogs about what snacks are better, but for now – Enjoy your snack! Really, really, really enjoy it.  You may only need one serving this time.

Til next time – Live Well! – Toni Kuhel


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