Toni’s Tip for Today #1

Walk the walk :)

Walk the walk 🙂

Walk more! Take that shopping cart back to the store or to the cart thingy. Take the stairs not the elevator, escalator or gondola (if you are lucky enough to be some place that has one). Walk to run that errand that is just a tad too close to drive. Walk if it’s beautiful out- walk faster if it’s not so nice where you are. Those boots were made for walking so get out there and put some miles on them.

Unti next time – Live Well!
Toni Kuhel


5 thoughts on “Toni’s Tip for Today #1

  1. Hi Toni,

    This is great stuff you are doing. We have started implementing many healthy and time saving stratagies in our household as well. One of them is planning our dinner menu for the following week and cooking on Sunday. A girlfriend & I actually have a co-op where I cook 2 meals and she cooks 2 meals and we swap. The cooking does not take more than 2 hours and saves time during the week. Also, the kids can eat right after their activities, because they are usually starving. I will usually go to the grocery store on Thur/Fri of the week before to get everything I need. I’ve been doing this for years and works out well. Anyway, thought I’d add to your article.

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